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Football Prediction

Predict the outcome of football (soccer) matches.

Statistical prediction is a method used in sports betting, to predict the outcome of matches by means of statistical tools and using complex math formulas.

Who doesn't want to predict the result of a football (soccer) match? The best way to make a prognosis is to estimate the probability of the outcome. You cannot work out the probability of winning a football match by assuming that win, lose and draw are equally likely, but you can look at previous results in similar matches and use these results to estimate the probability of winning.

The goal of this application is to calculate 'true' odds based on mathematics that will be more suitable. You can use these predictions, but should not be surprised if the outcome is just the opposite of the prediction.

This application can be useful in calculating odds for the following world football leagues:

IMPORTANT NOTE: This application doesn't encourage sports betting, it is intended for informational and entertainment purposes only!

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